Nasal Surgery – A Pathway to Attractive Nose and Beautiful Life


nasal surgery kuwaitNasal surgery or Rhinoplasty as it is commonly referred to in the medical arena is a cosmetic surgery. It is done by a highly experienced surgeon having years of experience in the field of plastic surgery. The surgery is performed to correct any defects in the shape and size of the nose.

Nose is the first and most prominent facial feature that gets attention when anybody sees another person. Unfortunately most people do not have a perfectly aligned and straight nose. There is some defect and deviation which makes them conscious about their shortcomings and get an inferiority complex in the social circles.

People from all age categories and ethnicity choose Rhinoplasty to correct their nasal defects and get an aesthetically well-blended nose to their overall facial features. The best nose job is one which cannot be detected by anybody other than the most experienced surgeon. A successful surgery is one where the people find the person attractive but they cannot pin-point the reason.

Due to the recent advancements in the surgical arena the patients can get a near perfect nasal profile if their expectations are reasonable. The surgeons will try to get the best results possible within a given set of constraints. The surgeon has to keep in mind the ethnic background and the typical nose type of that ethnic race.


Who Can Go For a Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Today, both men and women are coming forward for cosmetic surgeries in order to look good and appeal to the opposite gender. Many professions require that the person looks good and carries an attractive persona in order to be successful.

The surgery can be chosen by anybody young or old regardless of their age. However, the surgeons will advise the teenagers to wait until they grow into adults before going under the knife. Since their body is still in the growth phase it is wise to wait until it is grown fully and then operated upon.

Some cases may require urgent medical attention where the health of the person is at stake due to a mal-formed nasal dorsum or septum. Some injuries and fractures to the delicate nasal structure will require surgical intervention to prevent any further damage.


Defects Corrected by Nose Job

The defects are categorized under two heads.

Functional Defects: These are the defects which directly affect the health of the person. Any health issue related to the nose and the respiratory system of the body can be corrected by Rhinoplasty surgery. Although the deeper respiratory system does not fall under the purview of nose job, the facilitation for easy breathing is done through Rhinoplasty.

Usually functional issues require immediate medical attention. The surgeon does not have much time to prepare. The arrangements have to be done ad-hock and surgery has to be performed to save the nasal structure from further damage.

Deviated septum is a common problem which requires Rhinoplasty surgery. The septum is the cartilage which separates both the nostrils. A normal septum is straight and divides the nostrils in two equal parts. But a deviation will create a lopsided structure causing breathing problems to the patient.

Some serious cases require a deliberate fracture of the septum and rearrangement to make it straight. A deviated septum can block airway for either or both nostrils causing breathing problems. Serious cases may deprive the body of oxygen and may cause cell-death in the brain.

Other inflammatory conditions like Asthma, Severe Sinusitis, Enlarged Turbinates, Nasal Polyps, over-active mucus glands, allergies and infection along the nasal track are corrected by Rhinoplasty.

Cosmetic Defects: These are the defects which relate to the shape and size of the nose. There are usually humps, bumps or depressions on the nose which steal away the beauty of the face and cause embarrassment to the person.

Most Rhinoplasty surgeries are performed for correcting cosmetic defects in the nasal shape. The patient is healthy but is unhappy with a particular aspect of his nose.

Some of the cosmetic defects corrected are

  • Asymmetrical nasal shape and dislocated nasal parts
  • Uneven nostrils and other parts
  • Over grown or under grown parts of nose
  • Celestial, upturned, crooked, pinched, hooked, flat, bulbous, pointed, drooping nose
  • Visible humps or bumps, depressions on the dorsum and any protrusions
  • Females with robust nasal structure and males with tender nasal structure
  • Too wide or too narrow nasal bridge
  • Bulbous and voluminous nostrils with weaker or tender upper septal structure
  • Any ritualistic or accidental perforation of nostrils, nasal walls and septum
  • Weak cartilages leading to droopy and disfigured nose (elder nose job)
  • Tip rotation, radix correction, nasal projection are corrected
  • Alar base reduction and correction
  • Congenital defects, mal-formed or under-developed nose
  • Removal of foreign objects, crystallized blood, mucus or fluid and insects from the nostrils
  • Failed or unsatisfactory primary Rhinoplasty


Types of Nasal Surgeries

Depending on the case and the end results sought by the patient Rhinoplasty surgery can be categorized under various heads. They are

  • Reduction Rhinoplasty – This surgery is done to basically reduce the size of the nose with respect to the overall face. Some portions of cartilages, tissues and dorsum are chipped off to smooth the hump. Excessive flesh and volume in the nostrils and the nasal area is removed to make it look natural.

  • Augmentation Rhinoplasty – This surgery is the opposite of reduction procedure. Here, the surgeon tries to add volume, height and width to the nose which is either under-developed or has lost volume due to some disease or infection.

    This procedure is complex when compared with reduction as the surgeon has to enlarge the nose keeping in mind the balance between various parts of the nose. The surgeon may have to use cartilage harvesting and grafting procedure to achieve the desired results.

  • Ethnic Rhinoplasty – This is a special nose job done for the people with African, Caribbean, Hispanic, Asian and Middle Eastern origin. When compared with the western nose, these people have a small and bulbous nose giving it a rather not so good look and shape.

    In fact, every nose job is an ethnic nose job as the surgeon takes into consideration the ethnic identity and uniqueness of the individual before operating on him. The results are achieved which keeping in the mind the typical nose flaunted by that race.

  • Reconstructive Rhinoplasty – This is a very complex and delicate procedure where the surgeon has to rebuild the nose either partially or fully. Unlike other procedures, here, the surgeon has to work with his knowledge and experience with supporting techniques to achieve a normal looking nose. The surgeon uses multiple grafting procedures for skin and cartilage. He may also use flap technique and other advanced methods to create and secure a perfectly looking nasal shape.


Closing Remarks on Nose Job

Nose job has been a revolutionary method in making people look more beautiful and feel good about themselves. Many people have found a new and exciting life due to an improvement in their facial features and overall contours of the face.

A perfect nose job is capable of enhancing the general self-worth and self-esteem of the person as he gets many compliments for this attractiveness and lead to a holistic improvement in his life.

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